Horizontal packing machines

Horizontal packaging machines offer advantages when packaging wide or long form products, including stronger and less prone bags, greater speed and flexibility when packaging different types of products. They are ideal for manufacturers with high production volumes or those who need to package unusual or non-standard products.

Compared to vertical machines, horizontal packaging machines have several advantages. While vertical machines usually work with pre-made bags and fill them from above, horizontal machines create bags from rolled material and fill the product horizontally, allowing it to be packaged faster and more efficiently. This method of bag formation ensures that the bags are stronger and less prone to cracking. In addition, horizontal machines allow precise control of bag size, making them ideal for packaging unusual or non-standard products.

DPACK P machines for flat bag production

DPACK P machines are machines for the production of flat bags. These machines are ideal for packaging different types of products such as powders, teas or granules. The DPACK P series includes several different models that differ in their dimensions and maximum filling volume. 

DPACK D machines for the production of doypack bags

DPack D machines are designed to produce doypack bags with a wide range of bag sizes and filling options, you can pack everything from small to large volumes with these machines. These machines offer flexibility for a variety of products.

DOYL D machines for automatic pre-made bag filling

DOYL D machines are designed for automatic filling of pre-made bags. They are capable of filling flat and doypack bags. These machines offer a wide range of filling options for different types of products.